USA have improved learners of Russian aircraft


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Dmitry Terekhov / Wikimedia

Air force (USAF), the United States has perfected the observation aircraft OC-135B Open Skies, which in the framework of the Treaty on open skies (DON) can fly over Russia, studying the observance on its territory of international agreements, writes The Drive.

The publication indicates that one of the two existing air force aircraft OC-135B Open Skies has been updated to digital imaging systems Digital Visual Imaging System (DVIS), which is currently being tested. The Drive reminds that the relevant agreement concluded between the BBC and KIHOMAC on a total amount of 43.9 million dollars, is designed to update DVIS two OC-135B Open Skies until February 2021.

The improvement of the OC-135B Open Skies occurred in accordance with the requirements of the DON, which subsequently will be checked by the Russian side, says the publication. The Drive is reminiscent of that at the present time, the United States allow for the termination of this agreement, beneficial to the weaker partners of Washington.

In April, the user Fighterbomber posted on the YouTube clip with flight of the Russian anti-aircraft medium-range Il-38 near the aircraft carrier USS George Washington (“George Washington”).

The main aim of the Treaty signed in March 1992 and entered into force in February 2002, declared support for the strengthening of trust between States through control over their weapons. Currently, the agreement has 34 participating countries, including Russia and the United States. Within the DON, States have the right to a fixed number of flights over each other’s territories. Before that the route of the aircraft reconnaissance is coordinated with the host country, which should be present on Board the vehicle during the observation flight.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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