USA transferred meat production on a war footing


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The President of the United States Donald trump amid reports of outbreaks of coronavirus in meat processing plants has signed a decree according to which factories are included in the so-called Act of defence production. The order requires meat processing plants and associated infrastructure uninterrupted operation, writes Bloomberg.

The decision to transfer meat production on a war footing was made in order to prevent a deficit in the country, as now the work of many meat plants suspended. It has said that “closing threaten the continuous operation of the national supply chain of meat and poultry, undermining infrastructure during emergency situations in the country.” The government promises to provide additional means of individual protection to workers.

However, the working group on ecology called the order a “potential death sentence” and the trade Union of workers of food industry and trade stated that if employees are not safe, and the food supply, too, will not be safe. At least 20 workers in this industry died from coronavirus, and another five thousand or positive for the virus, or they were forced to go into quarantine.

“People should not put their lives at risk going to work”, — said the President of the Union of retail, wholesale and Department stores Stuart Appelbaum.

Unions oppose unsafe working conditions and trying to achieve wage increases, collective agreements limit their ability to organize or support strikes, but, according to their statements, at stake now lives.

Currently in the United States suspended the work of 13 U.S. plants for the production of pork and beef. 24 APR Corporation Tyson Foods Inc. announced that is closing its largest plant for the production of beef in Washington state. The company issued a statement on the pages of American Newspapers, noting that “food supplies are being violated”, which could lead to a shortage of meat.

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