USA will be sponsored projects on “Soviet tyranny” in Hungary



The U.S. Embassy in Budapest has decided to sponsor projects that “will contribute to a truthful recognition of the tragic events of the Second world war.” With the document of the diplomatic missions familiarized RT.

The text says that these projects can be linked to stories about the acts of “Soviet tyranny” in Hungary. They are intended for countries of the former Soviet Union, where the population is supposedly “still believes in the liberation role of the red army”.

USA want to allocate about 25 thousand dollars for their implementation: the money can be spent on the creation of short films, conferences and discussions. It is noted that to engage in the projects as the Hungarians, and the Americans, but the country still offered to invite several experts from the United States. It is alleged that they “will help to understand the Western democratic principles”.

The document stresses that the programmes must also recall the contributions of the transatlantic community in the victory over fascism. To participate want to invite the people of Hungary, born after 1985.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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