WhatsApp introduced a new feature


www.vsyako.netPhoto: WhatsApp

The WhatsApp messenger has a new feature. Now group video and audiosony can participate up to eight people. This was reported in the company blog.

WhatsApp said that because of the introduced at the time of the pandemic coronavirus quarantine people around the world have started to use the messenger more often than ever. Especially popular are the group calls, so the company decided to increase the maximum number of participants doubled from four to eight.

The company noted that last month the total duration of calls in WhatsApp every day was more than 15 billion minutes, which is significantly more than before the pandemic. Added that to use the new feature users need to update the app.

In April, WhatsApp has restricted the ability to forward messages. This decision was taken in order to reduce the spread of misinformation about the pandemic coronavirus. WhatsApp decided that bulk mail accelerates the exchange of false information.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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