Biden learned to correctly respond to allegations of harassment


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Alyssa Milano, actress and prominent member of the movement #MeToo, shared by the Council with ex-Vice US President Joe Biden, about his involvement in the sex scandal. This is reported by Fox News.

Milano has written an open letter trying to explain my position with regards to her support of the candidate from the Democratic party of the United States, in the guilt which the actress refuses to believe, despite claims by his former assistant Tara Reid.

The star of “Charmed” wrote that the statements reed was “deeply disturbed her,” but in her view, Biden – the man she “can not compare with the acts of which he is accused”.

She also appealed to Biden, recommending policy to accept the situation “head-on”. “Answer each question and admit any wrongdoing, to be an example for all men who face such accusations, regardless of whether they are justified or not,” wrote Milano.

Then the actress turned to Reid, writing that every victim has the right to tell their story, but at the same time warned former aide to Biden not to be “feeding the system”. Milano noted that it has always been about changing the culture of “disbelief women default” and not to trust all women.

Meanwhile, former candidate for Governor of Georgia’s Stacey Abrams denied the words that it adheres to the “double standards” against the accusations against Joe Biden and judges of the Supreme court of the United States Brett kavanaugh, also accused of harassment.

During the interview, CNN anchor don lemon asked Abrams about it on Twitter in 2018. Then the former candidate on a post of the Governor of Georgia has shamed the Senate for the decision to nominate Cavanaugh, writing that the survivor of violence, “deserve support and that their voices were heard.”

Abrams said Reid deserves to have her story heard and investigated. According to The New York Times, she claimed that trusts Biden.

Earlier, Biden also supported the former candidate for presidents of the United States and Secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who stated this at a public online meeting on the coronavirus impact of the crisis on women.

A former employee of the U.S. Senate about a month ago told the world about her experienced sexual harassment on the part of Joe Biden. According to Reid, in 1993, in one of the corridors of the Capitol American politician, who then held the post of Senator from the state of Delaware, without permission, kissed her, touched her, and insisted on intimate relationships. Despite the fact that the woman told about the incident three senior aides to Biden and the Department of the Senate to work with the staff, no action in respect of the policy was not adopted. The office of Biden, in turn, has categorically rejected the accusations, calling the suit on the alleged incident as “false”.

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