Disclosed the details of the lynching of Russian officials because of the suspicion of arson


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In Ust-Kut was hospitalized, the officials suspected in the arson of the forest. The locals beat them and tried to drown, reports RIA Novosti.

According to the chief of staff of the Ust-Kut municipal formation of Marina Kosygina, officials returned from a trip April 30 — they went to a survey of new wildfires, but later he disappeared and stopped communicating. Kosygin said that the first Deputy head of Ust-Kut district Michael Leopard was beaten three persons, press Secretary of the regional municipality Marina Kosygin tried to drown.

Kosygin told TASS that the leopard is in the hospital. “The view was very-very unimportant,” said the official and added that the victim feels very bad.

It also became known that officials beaten “while held” by withdrawing the details of the boat on which they arrived. Law enforcement reported that the mayor’s office said the missing members of the administration. In SC specified that the investigation was under way against one of the officials for his involvement in the arson, it is unknown whether the reported allegations of beating of employees of the administration.

As previously reported, the officials who allegedly tried to set fire to the forest in the vicinity of Ust-Kut, detained the mayor of the city Oleksandr Dushyn. Version Dushin, the attackers arrived at aerolatte and tried to set fire to the forest near his property. Officials claimed that the profits in order to remove all thermal spots with the quadcopter. With him they found three gas cans.

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