Dr. Miasnikov met unique patient with coronavirus


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @drmyasnikov.ru

The doctor Alexander Myasnikov, known as the doctor of butchers from the program “About the main thing” on the channel “Russia 1” said that he met a unique patient with a coronavirus. Details, he said on the air of transfer of “Thank you, doctor!” on YouTube.

“The patient can sit and talk, and his oxygen saturation 46%,” said the doctor. According to the specialist, prior to that, he had never seen a living person with such saturation. He added that the feature of the coronavirus that all may not develop quickly.

The doctor explained that if the patients saturation 70 percent below their long intoniruet to ensure the airway, so the case was an exception. The procedure is generally carried out in the course of mechanical ventilation. “We now have all the doctors come in the red zone, treat these people. They pass each other experience,” concluded butcher.

Previously butchers had predicted the world another epidemic, more deadly than the current one. He noted that the situation with coronavirus will help the world better prepare for new epidemics, but also noticed that the most dangerous place now — the hospital, as there is more likely to get infected.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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