Feet men has grown to enormous size due to a rare disease


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American went to the doctor with a request to amputate his foot, which grew to enormous size due to a rare disease. His case was devoted to the next release of TV program “My feet are killing me” on TLC channel, writes edition Daily Mirror.

Jeffrey Ortega (Ortega Jeffrey) suffers from Proteus syndrome, which causes overgrowth of skin, bones, muscles, adipose tissue, blood and lymphatic vessels. Because of this disease he has a huge deformed feet, which in the absence of constant care starts to smell like rotting cheese. A man can’t find shoes of the right size and is forced to move in a wheelchair.

After 11 unsuccessful operations Jeffrey turned to the presenter of the TV show “My feet are killing me” doctor brad Schaeffer (Brad Schaeffer), specializing in the treatment of diseases of the feet and lower leg. Schaeffer was amazed at the size of his feet. “They look like cauliflower, he said. — And some toes Jeff like Golf balls”.

The doctor advised to refrain from amputation, which, in his opinion, may be dangerous for patients with Proteus syndrome. “I’ve seen cases where the bones continued to grow even after the amputation,” he explained. Instead, Shaffer took an impression of Geoffrey’s legs and made for him a special sandals, which, unlike other shoes that do not cause pain when walking.

In 2018, it was reported that a running sore on the site of the cut brought the resident of the British city of Bristen to the amputation of his leg. The affected space is swollen, making it difficult for the blood supply and led to gangrene.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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