Former assistant chief editor of “Echo of Moscow”, said harassment of the chief


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Former assistant chief editor of “Echo of Moscow” Les Ryabtseva said the Daily Storm of sexual harassment of her boss Alexei Venediktov. According to the journalist, she has reported about these cases in an interview to “the Russian service Bi-bi-si”, but her comment was not published in full.

Ryabtseva said that she twice spoke to the correspondent Sergey Goryashko. The second time, according to the journalist, was interested in the intimate details of their relationship with Venediktov. She explained that she had agreed to answer questions, but with the condition that her story will not be anything to remove that “review will be included completely”.

The confirmation of this promise is available on hand Daily Storm. Ryabtseva said that the authors of the material in the end, kept silent about the harassment against her and placed the emphasis on the former press Secretary Alexei Navalny Anna Veduta. The journalist believes that the reason is “you like this”. “”Bi-bi-si” is obviously a liberal publication, which I sharpened teeth,” — said Ryabtsev.

“He was always built around me a halo that I am his mistress and escortsite, and continually fueled this interest,” she said about the Anchor. According to Ryabtseva, former chief tried to achieve such a reaction from colleagues and friends, “warming myths”. At the same time with the chief editor of the station she had only a friendly relationship, he admitted harassment in her address, but all attempts to enter a relationship helper suppressed.

She remembered the case, when the journalist of “echo of Moscow” Yulia Latynina asked Venediktov, if he had sex with Ryabtseva, once he is “her everything resolves”. Ryabtseva also claims that Venediktov once read the message on her phone, thinking she slept, watched her friends in social networks and movements. Ryabtseva also mentioned the numerous trips that the editor-in-chief was up to she didn’t stay home, and who in fact was “some inappropriate travel somewhere”.

She explained that currently communicates with Venediktov. “The hostility I feel toward myself because of him, and at the same time I’m grateful,” concluded Ryabtseva.

Previously Anna Veduta said that in 2012, after dinner in a large journalistic companies Venediktov offered to take her home with two of her colleagues of “Echo”. Left alone, he leaned close to her and hugged and touched thighs. After publication of the charges Venediktov apologized to Webtoy because she feels uncomfortable but refused to admit that molested her.

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