Huawei will bypass US sanctions


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Huawei will once again release a smartphone with an old name, to avoid the restrictions of the United States. The new device will pre-installed Google services, the newspaper reports SlashGear.

The new device of the Chinese company will be an updated version of the smartphone Huawei Smart P 2019. The device will keep the name of the original gadget, not counting the Postfix “2020”, showing the year of release of the phone. The publication believes that legally the company will market the old machine, which entered the market to make a Huawei in the sanctions list of the USA. This will allow the Corporation to again circumvent the prohibitions on the use BY American companies.

The journalists stressed that the Huawei P Smart 2020 will get the app store Google Play and services of American corporations. However, as the smartphone has been certified to work with Android 9 Pie, to update it to the latest Android 10 will not work. Basically, both models remain identical — P Smart 2020 will get 6,21-inch screen, chip Kirin 710F, triple camera, battery capacity of 4000 milliampere-hours. The device will cost 220 euros.

Previously Huawei has released one smartphone twice to circumvent the ban on the use of Google services. In April, 2019 and January 2020, the company represented on the global market for machine P30 Lite running on Android 9.

Huawei is under U.S. sanctions in may 2019. American companies do not have the right to do business with a Chinese Corporation, but they are allowed to maintain the products Huawei released prior to its inclusion in the sanctions list.

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