In Russia gave a forecast at the opening of the borders


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Evgeny Pavlenko / Kommersant

The Russian border can be closed prior to the creation of a vaccine against coronavirus. This forecast was made first Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov, the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

According to him, hurry up with the removal of introduced against the background of a pandemic restrictions is not worth it as it may, in turn, cause a sharp increase in the number of infected in the country and increase the risk of infection citizens.

“No one is immune from the second wave of coronavirus. Open yet and no one — other countries, too, so quickly open air. We should take it slow, then it did not come out sideways”, he concluded.

On 29 April it was reported that the majority of Russian tourists waiting for the opening of the borders and not afraid of being infected with coronavirus. 64 percent of Russians predict that imposed on the background of the pandemic restrictions will be removed in the next six months. 33 percent of respondents believe that the borders will be open up to June or July of this year.

Russia closed the borders and canceled most of the passenger traffic in connection with the spread of coronavirus infection on March 30. The right to cross the border have military and civilian personnel of foreign bases, workers in the nuclear industry involved in the construction abroad and crews of marine vessels, and diplomats traveling to the Kaliningrad transit passengers and Russians going abroad for the funeral of a relatives.

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