In Tajikistan discovered coronavirus


In Tajikistan found 15 cases of infection with coronavirus, reports “Sputnik Tajikistan”.

Caught 10 residents of Khujand and five residents of Dushanbe. Under observation there are two thousand people. All visitors to the country are sent to 14-day quarantine. In February in Tajikistan, there was an outbreak of pneumonia, which died a few patients.

According to recent reports, the world was infected by a coronavirus almost 3.2 million people. Of them died more than 227 thousand, recovered 972 thousand. Tajikistan remained one of the few countries where the official coronavirus was not detected. About the lack of a coronavirus also state the government of Turkmenistan.

Earlier, on 10 April, it was reported that Tajikistan has closed its border to foreigners and stateless persons in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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