iPhone has learned to recognize the mask


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The iPhone added the feature of recognition of medical masks. The device will offer the user a simplified unlocking system, reports MacRumors.

The innovation noticed in the beta version of iOS 13.5, released April 29. In the case that the user wears a mask that prevents unlocking the smartphone using facial recognition, the system will determine the protective agent and immediately prompts you to enter a numeric password to log in. New features will be “trained” all Apple smartphones that support Face ID, starting with the iPhone X.

In the current version of iOS smart phone initially, trying to remove the lock in the face and, when faced with an obstacle in the form of a mask, offers the owner of the device to enter the code. Journalists noticed that because of this, there is a delay of several seconds, which complicates the operation of the device.

In the comments on the MacRumors said that to simplify the input with a mask is possible in current versions of iOS. To do this, at the moment when the iPhone tries to recognize the face of the user need to click on the text Face ID in the center of the screen — in this case, the device will attempt to read the device owner’s face. Public iOS version 13.5 should appear on smartphones in the next few weeks.

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