Isolation forced the rich people to learn the cleaning and washing


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Isolation forced the rich people to learn the cleaning and washing. In an interview with The Times said the General Director of the elite company of London in the sphere of consumer services Polo and Tweed Lucy Challenger (Lucy Challenger).

According to her rich clients to seek recommendation on virtually all issues, including the Laundry or caring for children. So, there was a case when a woman called to learn how to change a roll of toilet paper. Another client asked for help with Laundry, because he could not leave unattended four children.

There have also been regular calls asking for advice about how to change the bed sheets or iron sheets. There are catastrophic cases. For example, one client was barely able to wipe your antique dining mahogany table, the other used a sponge to clean the expensive enameled tubs. Some even expressed regret about the fact that the owner of a large house. The Director also noted that in the conditions of her quarantine the firm is experiencing great difficulties without government support.

Earlier in April, a bored rich men have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on diamonds at the time of isolation. In total, the sales house Sotheby’s totaled $ 6.1 million.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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