Jews massively equated to Nazis and compared with the coronavirus



Arab social media users launched a massive anti-Semitic campaign in the day of remembrance of the Jewish victims of Nazism during the Second world war. About it writes The Jerusalem Post.

As the newspaper notes, in the early hours of Yom ha-Shoah, the day of Holocaust and heroism of European Jewry, Arab users began actively post in social media posts with the hashtag #COVID48 hinting in 1948, which formed Israel. In these publications, the Jews were equated to Nazis, and compared them with the coronavirus, declaring that “Zionism is more dangerous COVID-19”, and accused the spread of infection. In addition, in these posts it was reported that Jews murder Palestinian children refuse to test the Palestinians in the coronavirus and to help the infected.

According to The Jerusalem Post, just a few hours on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook were posted more than 56 thousands of similar publications in English and Arabic, and Twitter in Jordan, the hashtag #COVID48 even went on the trends. While the social network did not block these posts, despite their offensive content. How did you manage to install the edition, a campaign initiated by the Jordanian students in the group “Children of the Palestinian camps in Jordanian universities”. It turned out that they planned to hold a similar campaign in Day of memory of victims of the Holocaust.

In this case, said The Jerusalem Post, the similar activity of ordinary citizens regularly fuelled by statements by political leaders. Recently, the Prime Minister of Palestine, Mohammed Stye accused the Israeli military that they are deliberately infecting Palestinians with the coronavirus, and the Israeli government — that they refuse to fight infection, as “love money”. And statements to Stay was made in the period when Israel was discussed with other representatives of the Palestinian government’s plan to combat the spread of coronavirus, and Israeli and Palestinian doctors held joint trainings, the newspaper writes.

In mid-March, it was reported that the authorities of Israel and Palestine agreed to establish a joint operations headquarters to fight the coronavirus. It was noted that Israel has already sent 200 tests for coronavirus in the Ministry of health of Palestine, and the Arabs with suspected infection were sent to Israeli hospitals.

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