Kingpin Mumu and by the authority of Moronic staged a knife fight in a casino



Casino “Venice” in Orsha (Belarus) there was a fight that escalated into a knife fight: it was attended by 46-year-old kingpin Oleg Gerasimov, known in criminal circles as Mumu or Slutsk, Orsha and the authority of Lomonosov named Moronic. On Thursday, April 30, informs the Agency “Prime Crime”.

Tomoroow is a supporter of the thief in the law Alexander L. (Kushner Gomel), which is considered the main criminal authority of Belarus. According to the Agency, Tomoroow may be involved in the beating of the authority of Yuri Ostrovsky (Island) — old friend of Oleg Gerasimovich, and he decided to avenge the beating of a comrade.

On Lomonosova casino “Venice” attacked around 22:00. In addition to Gerasimov, the attack was attended by the head of his security, Alexander Poznyak, Yuri Ostrovsky and not previously come into the view law enforcement bodies the resident of the Belarusian village Glusk. The conflict of Lomonosov received multiple stab wounds, but survived.

According to the Agency, despite the fact that all parties to the conflict established, the criminal case has not yet been filed.

Previously, on 30 April it was reported that the thief-in-law Vakhtang Pacula (Nanik) was sentenced in Abkhazia to two years of imprisonment in a colony-settlement.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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