Mamaev has responded to the lawsuit leading the First channel


www.vsyako.netPhoto: AGN “Moscow”

Midfielder “Rostov” Pavel Mamaev expressed willingness to compensate the leading of the First channel Olga Ushakova. About it RIA Novosti said the lawyer footballer Igor Bushmanov.

“Even during the preliminary route, despite the fact that Ushakov was not recognized by the victim as the owner of a vehicle that received damage from the Mamayev made a nominal money transfer in the amount of 200 thousand rubles,” — said the lawyer. It is noted that Mamayev is going to solve the incident without litigation.

About filing a claim, Ushakova to Mamaev and forward of the “Sochi” Alexander Kokorin became known earlier, on April 30. Ushakov said that the damage amounts to 321 thousand rubles.

The car was damaged October 8, 2018 during the fight players with driver Ushakova Vitaly Solovchuk. The machine was broken glass, and the interior was stained with blood.

On the same day from Kokorin and Mamaev in the center of Moscow there was a conflict with the head of Department of the Ministry of industry and trade Denis pack. The results of the two incidents athletes have been criminally prosecuted and held in prison for almost a year.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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