Officials suspected of arson of forest, the mayor saw this as a political color



The mayor of Ust-Kut of the Irkutsk region Alexander Dushin spotted in the burning of the grass on his site a “purely political character”. He declared in conversation with RIA Novosti.

According to Dushin, so they tried to discredit in the eyes of voters, because they wanted to discredit him and the party “United Russia”. As writes RIA Novosti, in September, to be held the elections of the head of Ust-Kut district. The main contenders for the post considered himself Dushin and current head of the region Tamara Klimina (LDPR).

The head of Ust-Kut added that it had recorded the chronology of events — according to him, this will help to clarify the situation. Other details of the story, he refused to comment.

About the detention of the officials allegedly tried to set fire to the forest, it became known on April 29. They were detained Dushin, according to his version, the attackers arrived at aerolatte and tried to set fire to the forest near his property. Officials claimed that the profits in order to remove all thermal spots with the quadcopter. With him they found three gas cans.

On 30 April it became known that the suspected arson officials were hospitalized — locals beat them and tried to drown. According to the chief of staff of the Ust-Kut municipal formation of Marina Kosygin, first Deputy head of the Ust-Kut district Michael Barca was beaten by three people, a spokesman for district mayor’s office press Secretary Ekaterina Anisimov tried to drown. It also became known that officials beaten “while held” by withdrawing the details of the boat on which they arrived. The investigative Committee reported that checks one of the officials for involvement in the arson.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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