On clearing of reservoirs will spend more than 33 million rubles


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Emin Jafarov / “Kommersant”

On clearing the Tsimlyansk reservoir and the Proletarian will spend more than 33 million rubles from the Federal budget. This was reported on the website of the Federal Agency of water resources.

Notes. that work will be carried out from 2020 to 2022 in the framework of realization of Federal project “Preservation of unique water objects”, which is included in the national project “Ecology”. At the end of the event “Clearing of woody trash and debris in the waters of the Tsimlyansk reservoir and the Proletarian” officials expect “improving the environmental living conditions for more than 220 thousand people.”

The Ministry said that in 2020 the actual content of the Tsimlyansk reservoir, located in the Volgograd and Rostov regions, was the lowest for the entire period of its operation. Recreational potential will increase clearing of the reservoir and rivers flowing into it Cumsack.

Earlier it was reported that authorities in Khabarovsk region have suffered the cleaning of shores of rivers and lakes for an indefinite period due to pandemic coronavirus.

The national project “Ecology” will be implemented in the country until 2024. It is aimed at the complex decision of environmental problems of the country. Its implementation will receive four trillion rubles, three of which will receive from investors. The project also includes such areas as “Preservation of lake Baikal”, “Pure air” and “Improvement of the Volga.”

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