One Nude photo spoiled student life


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vivek Prakash / Reuters

The lady Reddit told the story where her life was ruined. In 2019 she wanted to anonymously publish a Nude photo in a community Gone Wild, but did not pay attention to one detail, which eventually gave her.

The girl remembered that in my first year of University lost a bet to my roommate and had to post an image of your body. She took a photo where you could not see her face, and posted it. “I did not notice that the girlfriend’s laptop was open and on the screen was visible file on which was written her name and phone number” — shared usersa.

After a couple of days her neighbor began to come “dumb” message from the unknown who decided that she posted a photo. Later, several friends of the girl saw the post and realized who actually posted. “I quickly deleted the picture, but you know that nothing can be erased from the Internet”, — said the girl. She complained that before the end of the school year received offers of sex from a dozen guys a week. “I was naive and even fell in love with a couple boys, but they believed that first date with me should end the sex marathon,” said a student.

The girl went to her parents and got a job on a speciality on which I studied. She did not have a relationship with the guy she went to school, because he also saw pictures of her, naked and did not want to “deal with it”. “I’m desperate. I have a dream job, but I feel I want to escape. But even so, this photo will haunt me,” said the hero of the story.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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