Passed house terrorists she has told about one of the fighters


www.vsyako.netPhoto: FSB

A resident of the Sverdlovsk region, which passed the house planned the attack the supporters of the “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited organisation in Russia), told about one of the fighters. Her words are quoted by “Novaya Gazeta”.

The interlocutor of the edition Marina — Chairman of the cooperative, where on the night of 30 April, the FSB has eliminated terrorists. She explained that she had passed a guard house to a man named Yuri. “I noticed that the passport he was Russian, although the appearance is not. Bearded. He said he works as a foreman, and he needed somewhere to leave the building tool,” — said the woman, adding that Yuri living here is not going to.

The newspaper said that Yuri and his friends were killed during the RAID. Passport data of the liquidated tenant Marina handed over to the police.

The counter-terrorism operation took place on the territory of SNT Rucheek near Yekaterinburg. According to the operational headquarters of the National anti-terrorist Committee, the secret service was preparing for the suppression of resonant crimes of a terrorist orientation. Later locals told us that night they were woken by FSB operatives who reported about the upcoming event and asked for evacuation. Some people were loaded into buses which drove away from the scene of the operation, and then heard the gunshots and automatic gunfire.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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