Raise millions for physicians, the veteran has celebrated its 100-year anniversary


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Frances Haycock / XinHua

British world war II veteran Tom Moore, who has collected millions of pounds into the National health service, Thursday, April 30, marks the 100-year anniversary. About it reports BBC News.

As a gift to the captain of the British armed forces retired received more than 125 thousand of greeting cards, including from Queen Elizabeth II and was promoted in military rank. In addition, over the veteran’s home in honor of the holiday will fly planes during the war.

On the eve of the anniversary of Moore and musician Michael ball sang a cover of the song You Never Never Walk Alone. In the end, he became the oldest actor who ever got in first place in British hit-parade.

Two weeks before its 100-year anniversary of the Moore organized a charity marathon on the walkers in your garden to aid doctors in the fight against coronavirus, earning 12 million pounds (more than billion). Initially, he planned to collect just a thousand pounds, to thank the doctors who cured him from cancer and fracture.

According to recent reports in the UK were more than 166 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. Just a country of about 26 thousand people died in the pandemic.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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