Revealed positive impact of coronavirus on the relationship between people


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Psychologist honey Lancaster-James (Honey Langcaster-James), who worked on the reality show “love Island” and “Big brother” on British television, in a column for Sky News revealed the impact of coronavirus on relationships between people. According to experts, the restrictions can have a positive impact, strengthening and uniting the community.

Lancaster-James says that people in General come together when they have common enemy. In this case, this enemy was made by a coronavirus.

For couples who are trapped at home, quarantine may be a chance to “light the fire in the already cold relationship”, says psychologist. She also said that now increasingly may be tempted to exchange a few words with neighbors last spoke at Christmas.

“In times of great loss and fear the threat of coronavirus in fact can make us closer to each other, because let me remind you that we need someone close and that we enjoy the company of other people,” stressed Lancaster-James.

In April, the Russians gave advice on survival in isolation. Psychologist Olga Ind noted that peace to endure it with a brand new hobby, a time limit of use of the gadgets, the ventilation of apartments and a number of other measures.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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