Soloviev explained the role of Kashin in the escape Sobchak interview


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TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov said that the journalist Oleg Kashin has specifically helped a leading Ksenia Sobchak in an interview with escape live. The role of the blogger’s insults in his address Solovyov explained in comments to “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“I think it was blank to run away from uncomfortable issues,” he said. According to Solovyov, Kashin spoke with Sobchak in advance and included in the broadcast transmission “to cast a billet and to give Sobchak to leave the air.”

The presenter expressed the view that Sobchak made a mistake leaving the program. “She left very important questions unanswered. And allowed to come to certain conclusions, which were more than convincing for the audience,” — said Solovyov.

He noted that the presenter did not answer the most important questions. While Solovyov concluded that even after her escape from the ether ready to discuss with Sobchak response interview.

The evening of 29 April, Sobchak fled with a live broadcast with Vladimir Solovyov on his YouTube channel “Soloviev Live”. It happened during his swearing with journalist Oleg Kashin. The two exchanged insults during the broadcast, and at this point, Sobchak was disconnected from the ether.

Soloviev and Kashin regularly in debate-broadcast and social networks. In July 2019 Solovyov called Kashin a “fool” and condemned the leading program “Russia 1” for the invitation of a journalist in a talk show. Kashin in October 2019, the radio station said that Solovyov is “a psychopath in the purest form.”

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