Solovyov explained the presence of Malysheva expensive mansion in the United States


www.vsyako.netElena Malysheva Photo: Anatoly Zhdanov / Kommersant

TV and radio presenter Vladimir Solovyov said that the presenter of the program “Live healthy!”, doctor of medical Sciences Elena Malysheva has the ability and the right to buy an expensive mansion in the United States. In the commentary edition URA.RU he explained that the law does not forbid the TV star to have a property abroad.

“Elena for many years, works brilliantly on the First channel. She’s a great doctor,” — said Solovyov. According to him, Malysheva is also engaged in the business and never hid it. He called to compare the incomes of income telepraca with celebrities of the same level in other countries. “It turns out that Elena is not rich lives,” added Soloviev.

The presenter expressed surprise why peers do not have the right to own a foreign property, because it is not a civil servant, and turned to Alexei Navalny, who found the overseas property Malysheva. “Let him try, as Malysheva, so many years to remain at the top of the popularity, to make high-quality programs, to devote his life to the promotion of medicine. Maybe he’ll be able to earn,” concluded the presenter.

Police have issued an investigation of a real estate family Malyshevich in the United States on April 29. According to him, in 2016, leading together with her husband bought a vacation house near new York for 6.4 million dollars. Bulk refers to public reporting, which means that in 2014, Malyshev owns two apartments in the centre of new York. In the video it is alleged that apartments, located in the same building, in the amount of cost leading to $ 4.2 million, is currently home to some leading sons.

Earlier Malyshev told me that her sons George and Vasily have moved to the USA. The elder, George, is in new York training with specialization in cardiology, and the youngest, Vasily, graduated from American law school. Presenter said he was not going to leave Russia, and called himself “a man who was born and grow old here because everything and everyone here loves you.”

Malyshev, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor. Since 1997, leads a popular-science program “Health” on the First channel. Since 2010, produces the show “Live healthy!” about health, beauty, nutrition and proper lifestyle. The transmission has been criticized for populism, the selection of the loud and controversial assessment of certain diseases.

Solovyov also owns foreign real estate. According to Navalny, he owned at least two villas on the Italian lake Como. The cost of one of them is estimated at one million euros. Master and his five children also have a residence permit in Italy.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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