Stuck in Malaysia, a Russian woman gave birth to a child on the street


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Stuck in Malaysia, a Russian woman gave birth to a child on the street, not waiting for an evacuation flight home. About it “” said the husband of a woman Eugene.

The couple went to rest in October, when Natalia was still in the early period of pregnancy: the couple have long dreamed of a trip and decided to execute the idea before the baby arrives. They planned to spend the winter in Southeast Asia and return home in March. The last city was supposed to be Thai in Phuket, where the family had a doctor friend, who promised to examine the woman before a long flight home.

However, the pandemic coronavirus made the journey adjustments: in March, the pair was stuck in Malaysia and appealed for help to the Embassy.

“At first we could not fly to Russia because the ticket price had jumped to one hundred thousand rubles, and then the borders were closed. We have run out of money, got scared, and we asked for help. The Consul said that he would take note of our situation and promised to make the list on the evacuation flight,” — said Eugene.

In April, the couple went to the Consulate in Kuala Lumpur, described their plight and said that he would like to fly home. There they were confronted with the negative side of one of the employees accusing the woman in the “irresponsibility” because she went on a journey pregnant.

On the same day a few were settled in the hotel, but seven days later asked to be moved and transferred to another, with worse living conditions and unfinished repairs. Another day later, tourists are again asked to vacate the room, and the Consulate had booked their rooms in the hostel — but there are a few simply not accepted, referring to the deadline pregnancy.

As a result, the Russians had to spend the night in the waiting room of the Consulate, provided them with cots. That night the woman went into labor, and confused the couple decided to go to the first hotel, where you can use the bathroom or panic button. Money to call the doctors they had.

“At the hotel we were refused and had to go to the street, aimlessly. We saw an abandoned house, climbed the fence, and my wife had a baby. Desperate to get help, we were preparing for this, watched the video on the Internet, but could not imagine that everything will happen in someone else’s garden. My wife and I held on to the tree, then for me, and two hours later I picked up my child. He shouted and looked at me with his big eyes, and I wept, my wife and I both cried,” — said the source “ru”.

After that, the couple entered the house to use the bathroom, and lived there for a few days, and then turned to the police station to report the birth of a child without the participation of medical personnel and to fill in the relevant document. The staff of the Consulate, according to Eugene, and have not offered them help.

“The only person we helped was the local police. They really understood our situation: we brought food and diapers, gave money and even helped to get to the Consulate when my wife was hard to walk around town with a big belly,” — said Eugene.

Soon the couple are going to contact the local municipality to resolve the issue of obtaining the certificate of birth of the child, and hope to assist the Malaysian authorities.

The Russians managed to obtain the support of the local population, thanks to videos of them taken by local YouTube blogger. Blogger helped Eugene to get the loader and now it works, to be able to feed the family. In addition, decided to issue housing: the family was allowed to stay in already occupied their house.

The couple hope to get on Board export flight back to Arkhangelsk, where they wait for the parents and the eldest son, who is seen only in photos. However, the date of the flight is still unknown.

According to Rosaviation, in the period from 20 March to 26 April from abroad returned 172 thousand Russians. About 50 thousand tourists stranded in different countries due to the spread of coronavirus and reduction of air, still waiting to return home.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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