Students in Moscow issued a canned of worms


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Telegram-channel “Rise!”

Students of several schools in Moscow had given food parcels with canned fish that had worms. On Thursday, April 30, according to the Telegram-channel “Rise”.

According to parents of students who relied food set, party of poor-quality canned food were schools No. 626 and No. 1161 on the South-West of Moscow, and also in several kindergartens of the capital.

“As we have explained, the batch of counterfeit was at the Bank not embossed number, and printed, easy to wash. Already responded, they said, will change”, — told reporters one of the parents.

According to the Telegram-channel Readovka, spoiled canned food also came to the Moscow school №1206.

Earlier in April it was reported that in Karelia the poor parents and parents of children with disabilities issued rations of five potatoes, two sausages and a package of flour. In one of these packages have some kind of crawling insect, which published photos of the pike in “Vkontakte” user called beetle.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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