The couple died on the same day from the coronavirus after 73 years of marriage


www.vsyako.netThe Wilford and Mary Keplerian: CNN

Spouses of centenarians from the U.S. state of Wisconsin contracted the coronavirus died in one day, holding hands. This writes the newspaper USA Today.

Wilford Kepler (Kepler Wilford) was born in 1926 and studied at the same school with his future wife Mary, who was younger by two years. When the Second world war, Wilford was sent to the Pacific front. He served on the cruiser “Wilkes-Barre” and participated as the battle for Okinawa. Mary began to correspond with him during the war and after his return married him. They were married for 73 years.

8 APR Mary Wilford found the coronavirus. April 12, both spouses were hospitalized, after which Wilford also diagnosed COVID-19. The hospital staff made sure that the spouses were in one room, and moved their beds closer so they could hold hands. 18 APR Wilford died, and six hours after he died and Mary.

According to the latest data, April 29 in the world, discovered 3.17 million cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection. From COVID-19 died 220,4 thousand people, 984,5 thousands of people recovered. In the United States 1.04 million identified cases of infection, died 59,8 thousand people.

Coronavirus infection is transmitted via small droplets that are emitted from the nose or mouth of the patient and settle on surrounding objects. The who recommends that you stay at least four feet away from infected people, regularly wash or decontaminate hands and don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes.

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