The Creator of the “Newbie” suggested a way to combat coronavirus


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Doctor of chemical Sciences, Professor Leonid rink, known as one of the founders of chemical warfare agents Novichok, was proposed to combat coronavirus infection with immunomodulator diutsifon. He told the newspaper “Vzglyad”.

“If we look at the history of the issue, at the time still the Soviet Union, it appears that there is a worthy candidate for the role of the immune rescuer in the face of diutsifon, our truly legendary immunomodulator, winning the Soviet-Russian prank”, — reminded the rink.

According to him, diutsifon well fought with immune disorders and the most severe pulmonary pathologies. “This is exactly what is needed”, — said the Professor.

Rink noted that the drug had a drawback — it is poorly soluble in water, and therefore in blood plasma, which patients had to enter the hot solution, causing them pain. A year and a half ago managed to get a version of the drug with the same clinical effect and a more efficient method of delivery into the body, eliminating “hot” injections, claims the scientist.

Development had time to test on volunteers, but then all work was stopped, said the Professor. “And this work should be already activated (…) I told you everything, in fact, to activate the process, not endlessly and without any result to discuss it with officials. Let us finally hear,” summed up the rink.

At the moment, the vaccine against the new coronavirus does not exist, scientists from different countries actively engaged in its development. For the treatment of coronavirus infection while the use of unlicensed drugs and experimental therapy, for example, with the use of hydroxychloroquine.

Diutsifon — synthetic immunostimulant, anti-leprosy drug. It was first synthesized in 1968 by members of the Institute of organic and physical chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR Vladimir Reznik and Nicholas by Askerovym. “In many admission showed marked anti-leprosy action, devoid of side effects sulfones, in contrast, stimulates the immune system,” — said in the “journal of postgraduate medical education” with reference to the work of Nikolay Goloshchapov, who proposed to create diutsifon. License for the production of the drug expired in 2001, after which its production was discontinued.

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