The family planted in front of the house “coronavirus” skeleton and angry neighbors


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In the British city of Sandbach (Cheshire) family planted on the front lawn of his home “coronavirus” skeleton in a protective suit and equipment with disinfectant. On a mannequin hung a sign “Quarantine” with the emblem of Corona, and next to the skeleton established the tombstone. This act really angered the neighbours, writes The Sun.

Robbie Poole and his parents Dave and Julie gave the mannequin the name Archie. The family had dressed him in different costumes for the last two years. Initially, the skeleton was bought to commemorate the couple’s wedding on Halloween. However, the neighbors, the staff of the NHS (National health service), was asked to remove the dummy and the headstone from the street.

“You may consider it a joke, but if you knew how now worried and afraid of doctors, especially in intensive care units that would be horrified of this, and the fact that now you have in the garden,” wrote neighbors. The pools did not listen to them and left a dummy on the lawn. The night it was stolen.

Robbie has published a post in Facebook, calling to catch the thief, but was cursed by users. One of them said, “Maybe if you lost someone due to this virus, I wouldn’t have found it that funny or clever. I wish to grow up”. Police said are investigating the theft.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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