The growth of prices for housing in Moscow recognized virtual


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By the end of April, the secondary housing in Moscow rose by 0.3 percent, to of 182, 4 thousand rubles per square meter. But the rise in apartment prices in conditions of isolation, is only virtual, said in a research report of the center “Indicators of real estate market” (IRN), courtesy of “the”.

In reality, recognize the analysts, the capital market virtually froze. The average level of prices has increased due to the “edges” of the market: the more expensive the cheapest types of housing (apartments in old panel houses) and the road type (the modern monolith-brick). All other property types showed a zero or negative price dynamics.

“In the low-price segment meter has risen due to the fact that in March the market went the most attractive price points lots. In the most expensive sentence structure has not changed. The growth of prices for luxury apartments is that the sellers with some delay reacted to the weakening of the ruble”, — explained in IRN.

Experts emphasize that attempts to increase prices for apartments in the current socio-economic situation hopeless. “After the lifting of the quarantine, the demand will naturally increase, however, given the severe economic impact of the epidemic, the recovery in consumer activity to a normal level will have to wait for a long time. In such circumstances it would be necessary to reduce prices, but the owners of apartments in the secondary market generally are extremely reluctant to take this step,” according to analysts.

Earlier in April, the secondary housing market in Russia predicted the fall into a coma. According to experts, the launch of mortgages on housing under construction at 6.5 percent will lead to a sharp outflow of demand in buildings. The number of transactions in the “secondary” on this background will be reduced to a minimum.

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