The Russians explained the right to dual credit vacation


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The citizens of Russia explained the right to receive vacation credit twice. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to the Supreme court (SC) of the Russian Federation.

As indicated in the second “Survey on certain issues of judicial practice related to the application of laws and measures for counter-proliferation in Russia of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)” dual credit holidays are available in the two cases. The first — at the “basic” law on mortgage vacation. During the second one — the recently adopted law allowing the Russians to delay for six months payments on borrowings due to the reduction of incomes by a third. Against established laws grace periods allowed the right to the same borrower to receive them in any order but not simultaneously.

Valid from 2019, the law on mortgage vacation mortgage holders exempt from payments to the Bank for a period of up to six months and applies to contracts with a loan size of not more than 15 million rubles on the basis of which acquired the only real estate. In category fall the Russians who find themselves in difficult situations, in particular, the official unemployed, invalids of the first or second group, and recognized as temporarily incapable of work for more than two months.

The new law adopted in April 2020, is aimed at minimizing the consequences of the spread of coronavirus in Russia. It for temporary relief from loan payments borrowers expect in the case of reduction of their income for the previous month by 30 percent compared to the average monthly income of 2019. The armed forces said that the penalty for late loan will not be charged if it happened due to the extreme under these circumstances.

In support of citizens during the period of the pandemic on credit easing could expect two-thirds of borrowers (over 73 percent).

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