The woman learned of her pregnancy shortly before the birth due to the blue bowl


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Phil Noble / Reuters

A resident of the U.S. city of Buffalo, new York, seven months did not notice she was pregnant, and found out about it shortly before birth due to the blue bowl. About it writes edition The Independent.

Caitlin Bradley (Bradley Caitlyn) became suspicious when they noticed that the toilet seat in her house was painted blue. She tried to find an explanation on the Internet and found a few references, whereby this can occur during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and the pigment lipofuscin contained in sweat of patients with bromhidrosis.

The woman doubted that the reason of pregnancy, but just in case, I bought a test and checked. The result was positive. After that, she went to the doctor. “I thought that only on the second or third month of pregnancy, but showed me the ultrasound and I couldn’t believe my eyes, says Bradley. There was a full size baby head down, fully formed heart and everything else.” Childbirth is expected on 20 June.

In 2019, it was reported that British Manchester, a woman unexpectedly gave birth to a child, although the pregnancy test was negative. 25-year-old Briton in the morning complained of nausea and pain in back and abdomen, in the evening of the same day the woman went to the bathroom and realized that giving birth.

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