The youngest billionaire ridiculed for unnatural hand in the photo


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @kyliejenner

The youngest billionaire in the world and businesswoman Kylie Jenner ridiculed for unnatural brushes in the photo with a new manicure. The comments appeared under a picture in her Instagram account.

Jenner posted a photo of hands on background the helm of the Lamborghini and demonstrated the new design of nails. As a basis she struck a beige hue, and the tip of each nail had been painted in the colors of the rainbow.

Fans of 22-year-old celebrity began to actively discuss the publication. Some have criticized Jenner for violation of the regime of self-isolation for a visit to the nail salon. “Why do stars consider themselves an exception to the rule? I also want to do a manicure, but sitting at home”, “Think beautiful nails is more important to her social distancing”, “You do know that America is now spreading a deadly virus?” — they were indignant.

Others felt captured the hands of unnatural and doubted the authenticity of the photo. “I something wrong, or her hands look like a mannequin?”, “Her hands look artificial!”, “So who photoshopped her fingers?” — asked the subscribers under the post, scored 5.3 million likes and more than 31 thousand comments.

Earlier in April, is the youngest billionaire Kylie Jenner ridiculed for fake things of luxury brands in her wardrobe. A celebrity has posted on his Instagram account a photo where posing in a pink suit, Dior cost of $ 1,290 (95 thousand rubles). However, Usera @queenvinarchive, which keeps archival photos of celebrities, said that in fact, the billionaire is depicted in a fake outfit. According to the girl, in the wrong costume embroidered monogram Dior and tag on the product is attached upside down.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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