Ukrainians refused to take out of Africa and asked them to turn to Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Luke Dray / Getty Images

Ukrainian tourists refused to take out of African Zanzibar, inviting them to apply for help to the Russian Embassy. About it “” said one of them stuck on the island of Russians.

According to the girl, now on the island there are 127 Russians and tourists from other countries, including Ukrainian.

“Their situation is even worse than ours. If some of us — about twenty percent — received financial aid, they help even less. And said that they were not going to take anyone proposing to ask for help to the Russian Embassy,” — said a tourist.

She noted that many Russians are stuck on the island, too, are in distress. Some have lost their jobs and left without means of livelihood — people planned to spend on the island a couple of weeks, and stayed for a month and a half. An evacuation flight that was supposed to pick up the Russians from the island, was postponed several times, the date of departure of tourists remains unknown.

It was reported earlier that stuck in Malaysia Russian woman gave birth to a child on the street, not waiting for an evacuation flight home. The woman and her husband got no help from the Consulate.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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