Vlad Topalov cried on the air after the persecution of Regina Todorenko


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Russian singer Vlad Topalov cried live in Instagram after bullying his wife, TV presenter Regina Todorenko.

He said that on the day when the spouse began to actively criticize the network for her words about domestic violence, he died a friend of the sound engineer Dmitry Good. “You know, you’ve rained shit on me, my family, but God will judge. I myself am not a Saint” — asked the artist to subscribers.

“I really have a lot to say to each of you who dared to insult my family. And I’m sure most of you saw me in person would never say that to me. Just the bottle would be. But I have you all forgive,” said Topalov. He explained that the death of a friend enabled him to understand that there are important things. According to him, the critics of such things is not true.

“My family has experienced severe stress over the last five days. Thanks to you my wife was taken away what she wanted: titles, projects, contracts, work, money, everything. I really hope you’re pleased with yourself and you’re proud of yourself that someone is now as bad as you,” said the singer. He urged people to learn to be kinder, and then added that he is ready to kill anyone who wants to harm his wife and son. In his opinion, the child doesn’t deserve such hatred.

Scandal Todorenko began after her interview with Peopletalk on YouTube. Leading considered that women can be guilty that they are beaten. She later apologized for his words.

Netizens made fun of Todorenko for this statement, considering that she’s not to blame the victims. Glamour magazine was soon stripped of Todorenko the title of “woman of the year”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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