Women are inundated indecent proposals became a multi-millionaire carpenter


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A resident of the English town of Rochdale, Lancashire, has received numerous requests for assistance and proposals from women after a big win in the lottery. This publication reports the Daily Star.

38-year-old carpenter Ryan Hoyle (Ryan Hoyle) often buy lottery tickets at the supermarket, but during the regime of isolation I decided to try my luck online. On 18 April he found out he won the lottery 58 million pounds (5.3 billion rubles).

According to Hoyle, after winning his account in Facebook failed propositions from strange women. In addition, he under the door would slip notes with requests for financial assistance. Suggestions from the women surprised Hoyle, however, according to him, it is quite reasonable person that the popularity went to his head.

In honor of winning the carpenter and his brothers drank beer in his back garden. First purchase, on which he spent part of the winnings, was a website for friend who wants to sell decals with different slogans.

Earlier it was reported that a resident of Wilmington, Delaware, played the lottery, while he helped the neighbor, and suddenly became rich. She went to the supermarket at the request of a neighbor and bought two tickets of the instant lottery Money Frenzy, one of which brought her unexpected wealth.

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