Australia will look for pockets of coronavirus in sewage


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Companies serving the waste water in Australia, collect waste samples, to track possible outbreaks of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, reports the Daily Mail.

The company Melbourne Water stated that it will look for traces of infection in extracted from sewage excrement. Scientists hidrografica took samples from a number of manholes and taken to the laboratory for analysis. “We know that the coronavirus detected in the faeces for six weeks after the first symptoms”, — told reporters the representative of the company Nicholas Crosby

To get samples from the treatment, which are exposed to waste water, kills the virus, leaving only his footprints. Laboratory tests will allow you to track, in some suburban areas there is a high infection rate, but to figure out a narrower zone than a suburb, is unlikely.

The expert explained that this method is not too accurate, but cheap and can help to identify more infected. It is already used in several cities around the world to track infectious diseases, and the use of illicit substances traces of such drugs as cocaine, remain in the wastewater and allow to draw conclusions about the habits of the population.

Australian authorities are gradually lifting the quarantine measures, which lasted more than two months. According to the Institute of Johns Hopkins, the country recorded only a little over seven thousand cases of infection and 100 deaths. More than 6.4 thousands of Australian patients were able to recover from COVID-19, with the tests more than a million people.

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