Denmark was going to build a giant artificial Islands


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Denmark is going to build two giant artificial island and post them on wind farms through its programme to combat climate change. This writes Handelsblatt citing climate plan of the Kingdom.

Islands will be built in the North and Baltic seas. According to the Minister for climate, energy and building of Denmark Dan Jorgensen (Dan Jørgensen), the project cost in billions of Danish kroner will be three-digit. Now 100 billion crowns correspond to 14.7 billion dollars. As planned by the Danish authorities, the project will be financed at the expense of private investors. If the state will have to invest in the construction of energy Islands, its share will be minimal, writes Reuters.

According to the Ministry of climate in the Kingdom, the Islands will generate energy in two gigawatts each. It’s more than the combined electricity consumption of all Danish households currently. The government said that the surplus energy can be exported to other European countries.

Denmark has ambitious climate targets: by 2030, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 70 percent compared to 1990 levels. Copenhagen invests heavily in the development of green technologies for the modernization of the industrial sector. Special attention is also paid to the sorting and recycling of garbage. Not only Denmark pays considerable attention to the climate agenda. Earlier it was reported that the Swedish engineers have imagined wind turbines made of wood, which reduce emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

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