Doctor butcher admitted “really great” earnings


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Head physician of Minsk hospital No. 71 Alexander Myasnikov, known to television viewers as a doctor, a butcher, admitted that he gets “really a lot of money.” On their income and earnings specialist said in an interview with Vladimir Solovyov. Video posted on YouTube.

“I get a lot of money, really a lot of money. When writing a Declaration, I am surprised this figure: where the money? Start looking — I spending”, — said the head of the information centre to monitor the situation with coronavirus. According to the doctor, the fixed salary of 170 thousand rubles, but “with all the bonuses out much more.”

The butchers explained that this is not the full amount, because “there is a system for evaluating the quality of hospitals — points”. “We are accumulating points. And together the main points they doctors give quarterly bonuses,” said the doctor.

He added that since his hospital is, as a rule, is among the first in Moscow, he gets big bonuses. While the butchers gave the example of salaries of cardiologists. According to him, the experts receive 500 thousand rubles, but “working from morning till evening.”

Butchers since 2010 works as the chief physician of hospital №71 name of Radkevich. The doctor appears regularly in the program “About the main thing” on the channel “Russia 1”, and is broadcast on the YouTube channel “Soloviev Live”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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