In Crimea have found a way to ensure the safety of tourists during a pandemic


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Konstantin Michalczewski / RIA Novosti

Crimean authorities have found a way to protect tourists during a pandemic, bought tests for the detection of coronavirus. On Thursday, may 21, said the head of the Republic Sergey Aksenov, reports RIA Novosti.

Speaking at the daily meeting on the prevention of the spread of the virus on the Peninsula, Aksenov said that the first shipment of rapid tests for visitors will amount to 25 thousand copies. The result is just 15 minutes from sampling blood from a finger.

“Given the emergence of tests that will allow you to quickly identify cases and separate them from healthy people, we can calculate the model of organization of the tourist season,” — said the head of the region.

Purchased tests will be used in all resorts of the Peninsula since their discovery. According to Aksenov, deliveries will begin in June, prior to this time power calculate the required amount of materials for research.

At the same meeting, the politician said that the new rules of the CPS, designed for hotels and resorts during a pandemic, “impossible for the resorts of the Crimea” because they contain very many requirements that are “impossible to fulfil”. As an example, he mentioned a machine for cleaning carpets that are not available in the shops.

“But we will find some recipe that will allow us to maintain the resort sphere”, — summed up Sergey Aksenov, adding that he will return to the discussion of the opening of the season on 26 may.

May 20 the CPS has issued guidelines for the resumption of the resorts during a pandemic coronavirus. Under the new rules, guests will be accommodated in rooms one at a time, with the exception of families. The agencies will need to provide a certificate of non-coronavirus, and their leadership will be obliged to conduct weekly inspections of subordinates.

According to the latest data, in the Crimea was 314 cases COVID-2019, recovered 126 people.

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