In the IIHF responded to information about moving the ice hockey championship from Russia to Switzerland


www.vsyako.netRene Faselte: Cui Xinyu / Getty Images

The head of the International ice hockey Federation (IIHF) Rene Fasel responded to information on the transfer of the world hockey championship in 2023 from Russia to Switzerland. His words leads to “Sport-Express”.

Earlier Finnish newspaper Iltalehti reported on the desire of Switzerland to take away from Russia the world Cup in 2023 in Saint-Petersburg from-for delays with the construction of the city’s new arena. Fasel said that while the organization has no plans to change the venue of the tournament, but noted that “anything can happen”.

IIHF President added that the option was considered with a shift of the tournament year to the world Cup 2021 was held in Switzerland, but the situation has changed. “Too many questions would have to coordinate and solve the Swiss side,” explained Fasel.

The world hockey championship in 2020 was held in Switzerland from 8 to 24 may, but in March it became known that the tournament will not take place due to pandemic coronavirus.

The current world champion is the team of Finland. The Russian national team at the last championship won the bronze medal.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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