Maduro accused Colombian President in an attempt to infect Venezuelans cov


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Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has accused the head of Colombia’s Ivan Duque in an attempt to give the Venezuelans a coronavirus, according to the Agency EFE.

“Ivan Duque gave the order (…) to do everything possible to infect Venezuela” — leads the Agency of his word.

In the same speech Maduro said that SARS-CoV-2 was detected in 67 of Venezuelans, who returned from Colombia and Brazil. According to him, they talked only with his relatives and made them sick supposedly in the bus on the way home. In addition, he mentioned that the Colombians gave his compatriots some of the “bag of muffins”.

10 may it was reported that Venezuelan banks discovered three boats of the Navy of Colombia with weapons on Board. A week earlier, Maduro spoke about the attempted invasion of the country, to sponsor the USA and Colombia, he said that the Colombian terrorists attempt on his life, and two detained in Venezuela, U.S. citizens were members of the personal security of the American President Donald trump.

According to official figures, Venezuela has recorded 824 cases of human infection and 10 deaths. Neighboring Colombia reports about 17,6 thousands of cases and 630 deaths. Brazil occupies the third place worldwide in the number of infected — there are 291 identified more than thousands of cases and 18.8 thousands of deaths due COVID-19.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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