Pictures of feet brought a medical student thousands of dollars per month


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @sweet.arches

A pre-med student from the American city of Portland, Oregon, earning six thousand dollars a month (424 thousand), selling to fetishists pictures of your feet. This publication reports the Daily Mirror.

28-year-old girl with the pseudonym Sweet Arches argues that initially took pictures of feet, because she considers this part of the body especially attractive. The popularity of such content and the money it brings, began to her surprise. For the year on account of the Sweet Arches in Instagram signed by 105 thousand people. Twitter for her posts follow 25 thousand people. Realizing that this can make, she made an account on the service OnlyFans. Now she has about a thousand paid subscribers.

According to the girl, every day she receives hundreds of requests for photos. “People like it when I have something to crush with your fingers, for example, raspberries, grapes or cakes, she says. — Someone once asked to crush the ants, but I refused, things I no-no! Something alive will not push. One client wanted my shoes. Many people with this fetish I love the smell of feet, but I supertrade to make feet smell. But he’s still happy, although the shoes smelled my coconut mask for the feet!”

The girl spends on care for feet, photos, videos, and communication with clients from eight to ten hours a day. “It’s a full day, she says. — Just start doing it and just as much to make impossible.”

The social network OnlyFans content creators assign a monthly fee that needs to paid subscribers for access to their posts. Since the rules of the social network does not prohibit erotic content, it is popular with porn stars and other sex workers.

In March, London dominatrix, working under the pseudonym Zoe Noir, told how it makes the men clean her apartment and takes hundreds of pounds. Income which brings this occupation, enough to anything does not deny.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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