Released Soviet documents about the Third Reich


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Rosarchiv and Presidential library. B. N. Yeltsin released Soviet documents about the history of the Second world war. The first part of the collection covers the period from January 1933 to August 1939, said in a press release received by the editors”.ru”.

Currently, 1,700 of archival documents, photographs, newsreels; almost half of them published for the first time. All digitized documents are provided for archival description in Russian and English languages.

The materials of the project reflect the phase-out of Germany from the Versailles Treaty, the accelerated militarization of the Third Reich and its transition to a policy of naked aggression. The documents also revealed the policy of “appeasement” of Germany by the Western powers since coming to power of the Nazis before the German attack on Poland.

The visitors can also see a keynote speech by Adolf Hitler at a meeting with heads of receivera 3 Feb 1933, official note by the heads of Soviet military intelligence and the intelligence of “Secret proposals of Hitler to the British government”, which tells about the secret consultations of the leadership of Germany and the UK, a letter to the Soviet military attaché in Poland and other materials.

The documents will be posted on the portal of the Presidential library. Director of the historical-documentary Department of the foreign Ministry of Russia Nadezhda Barinov told TASS that the project started by chance with the documents of the prewar period. “Now we see attempts to blame the Soviet Union on a par with Germany in the outbreak of the Second world war. This absolutely cannot be allowed, the documents are literally screaming in protest against this politicized version,” she said.

According to Barinova, the second part of the document will likely be devoted to the period from 1 September 1939 to 22 June 1941. “This is the period when the Second world war was blazing on the European continent. This is very important, because without this it is impossible to understand the course of future historical events,” she said.

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