Reveals the advantage of the beard in a fight



American scientists have found, what advantage in a fight have men with facial hair. Their words are quoted Fox News.

Biologists Ethan Beseres (Ethan Beseris), Stephen Nalwa (Steven Naleway) and David carrier (David Carrier) conducted an experiment during which found that men with a beard take less damage from a blow to the head than shaved.

It turned out that the hair absorbs 37 percent more energy by acting as shock absorbers. So the beard softens the blow dealt to its owner.

According to scientists, none of the people during the study, was not injured, as the team used a skull, covered in sheep’s wool. They explained that to simulate the impact on his chin dumped the load, and then measured the force of impact with the sensor.

The experimenters concluded that a beard works on the principle of the lion’s mane, “which serves to protect against deadly attacks of such vital parts like the throat and jaw”.

In June of 2019 Moscow Barber Bethose Boimatova fined for a bad hair coloring and beard to one of my customers. So, after rendered defective procedure, the visitor began acute contact dermatitis, after which he filed for the master to court. Barber was found guilty of causing harm to the health of the client and was sentenced to pay a fine in the amount of 30 thousand rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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