Russian journalists with the coronavirus revealed the first symptoms and treatment methods


Journalists of the Russian newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets” told about how varied their condition because of infection with a coronavirus. In a paper published online article, they revealed the first manifested the symptoms and possible treatment methods.

In the editorial caught ten people: seven confirmed and three unconfirmed diagnosis. Of these, only one employee was hospitalized, no one was in intensive care and on a ventilator (artificial lung ventilation).

In most cases it was observed the following symptoms: high temperature (from 37.8 C to 39.5 degrees), body aches, especially in the back, dry mouth, cough and loss of smell. In CT lung images were found on the effect of “frosted glass”.

The journalists reported that they used different methods of treatment and that not always they can be confirmed scientifically. Dimitri Moskovsky Komsomolets advised inhalation on a steam bath and a strong vitamin therapy. A journalist named Marina remembered the advice of her grandmother that “light love bacon” and now the Breakfast sandwich with bacon. She claims that it’s really improved her well-being. According to the employee Yvette’s important to ensure whether the drugs that are prescribed by the doctors.

Informed journalist Anna Powaga from Yaroslavl, working in “Kommersant”, reported that they had contracted the coronavirus. She explained that several times hurt, but was taken unwell in the cold and not seek medical attention. She also spoke about the details of treatment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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