Songs for Disney films were written by the same templates


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Songs for cartoons, created by Studio Disney, was written by the same templates. About this journalist Justin McElroy said in his Twitter account.

All he managed to count 18 templates, as well as to make a table in which all songs have been categorized. Among the distinguished journalist of the laws was that the villains usually play songs after the main characters.

McElroy singled out 26 songs from “That movie” that reflected the theme of the picture or its name and the sound in the beginning. In addition, they began singing in unison or with VoiceOver vocals. The same songs were in the “I want”. They sang the main characters as a monologue, using the text expressing your innermost desires.

In the category of “that’s what I say” found 21 song. They are distinguished by the fact that they characters have expressed their cheerful mood and delight and are often in a boastful manner.

17 tracks attributed to the pattern “cheer up, buddy”. Them secondary characters, who is in good relations with the major, encouraged to keep it positive, accompanying singing, dancing and active movements.

In a review of McElroy thanked for their work and asked about research methodology. The journalist explained that it is not included in the song analysis, the duration of which is less than 30 seconds.

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