The father of the pilot burned in the Sheremetyevo of the plane demanded a new investigation


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Dad was the only one of the accused in the case of the crash of Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ-100) to Sheremetyevo pilot Denis Evdokimov demanded a new, independent investigation into the disaster. Alexander Yevdokimov said in an interview with RBC, owned by Grigory Berezkin.

“Were taken from people quite far removed from the norms of the investigation, people who were interested, which certified the plane, made the plane — so it is not done in normal countries! The investigation should be independent,” said the father of the pilot, stressing that the Investigative Committee was eliminated from the investigation of the incident.

Yevdokimov stressed that the aviation public, in particular, colleagues of his son who was a defendant in a criminal case, I hope that the technical side of the incident will be investigated again.

Earlier on may 21, 350 pilots, aviaexperts and engineers have signed an open letter to the President, demanding “a full investigation of this” plane crash at Sheremetyevo airport, which killed 41 people. “Even a collision with segobriga aircraft business aviation in 2014 at Vnukovo airport was investigated three times longer,” the document says. Later, a former test SSJ-100 Alexander Ivanov said “the” that burned down in may of 2019 at the airport the aircraft became uncontrollable in the air after a lightning strike.

Investigation of criminal case about infringement of safety rules at operation of the aircraft, which caused the deaths, the Investigative Committee concluded in April. The only defendant in the case was the pilot Evdokimov, who until the trial is under recognizance not to leave. He faces up to seven years of imprisonment under article 263 of the Russian criminal code.

5 may 2019 during an emergency landing in the capital airport Sheremetyevo burned off from Moscow to Murmansk, the aircraft SSJ-100. Killed 41 out of 78 people on Board.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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