The United States was going to withdraw from the Treaty on open skies


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The US President Donald trump may 22 will announce the country’s withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies (DON). This is with reference to sources in his administration, reports The New York Times.

The reason for the release is called repeated violations of the terms of the agreement with Russia. As notes the edition, this step shows that the United States could withdraw from the rocket and the start-III.

“Reviewing the contract, we came to the clear conclusion that no longer in America’s interest to remain part of the open skies Treaty”, — quotes Reuters the statement of an unnamed representative of the administration of the trump.

April 22, U.S. Ambassador to Russia John Sullivan stated that the contract remains in force, however, repeated repeated Washington’s accusation that Moscow allegedly did not comply with its terms in full.

On the alleged withdrawal of the U.S. from DON on 21 April the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. A source in the White house, commenting on the words of Lavrov, said that in the US examined the costs and benefits associated with participation in the Contract.

That the US is going to leave DON, has spoken in 2018. In the fall of 2019 Donald trump signed a decree confirming this intention.

The contract between 23 member States of the OSCE in 1992, gives the possibility to participating countries to make the inspection circled each other, observing military activities and compliance with existing treaties in the field of arms control.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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